This is a five-star company. They are very thorough in identifying, eradicating and removing all poison ivy in my yard. They came back in fall and the next spring to deal with any new growth. Clean-up was also complete. I recommend them without hesitation. Bob Svenson, Baltimore, Maryland

I would highly recommend poison ivy control! Not only do they give me peace of mind on our property but they also taught me a lot about what poison ivy too! Now I don’t get nervous and mistake a wild raspberry plant for ivy anymore! I like to have them come out once a year- gives me peace of mind when my kids are running around. They are a great company! Simply the best! Washington DC

They come out on time as scheduled and charged me the quoted price… No surprises. They did a thorough job of spraying and cutting, where appropriate. They took the clippings with them and left the area clean. I will have them back out again. Baltimore, MD

We live on 7 acres of woods and were drowning in poison ivy. I was skeptical that anyone could help so I could work in my gardens and walk on the lawn but Poison Ivy Control did! They spent hours, lifting leaves, spraying and eliminating the ivy from our yard. It was truly amazing and they were completely professional. Courteous, on time and even came back to double check in a few weeks. They showed us where the highest concentration was and how the plants were dying. They even marked a spot that I was likely to brush against to warn me until the plant died. They are wonderful and gave me my yard back. I would recommend them to anyone! I can’t say enough good things about them. Baltimore, Maryland

Larry Atkins of Poison Ivy Control demonstrates an incredible work ethic. He is thorough and dependable. He is also an incredibly pleasant person to conduct business with. If you have a noxious weed issue to be dealt with, I encourage you to contact Larry Atkins of Poison Ivy Control. You will receive great customer service and you might also make a new friend! Baltimore

I want to commend Jayson on his thorough and professional job on Friday at our house. I know this was a huge job but he stayed with it and spent a lot of time at our house, examining and explaining then, removing and destroying the poison ivy. We watched him walk slowly through all the flowers, trees and acres, look under plants, through grass, in the woods then go back and spray and pull vines. I feel so much better that he has been there. I cannot say enough positive things about your company and personnel. If you ever wish a residential recommendation, I would be happy to give one. Washington DC

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Garden City Fire Department: Thank you for taking the time to spray for poison ivy at Doris’s house, and thank you for providing your services to one of our elderly citizens at no cost. Your kindness was very much appreciated. – Catherine Harman (Fire Chief – Garden City Fire Department)

A few more nice words from our customers:

* Committed to doing the job right. Great customer care.

* They do outstanding work.

* Larry was great to work with. He assessed our entire yard and found the Poison Ivy.

* We had a serious Poison Ivy issue in our community. Larry came in and did an analysis of our problem and successfully eradicated it. He is professional and dependable. Highly recommended.

* Superior company and employees! The best in the field with knowledge, service, and attention to all the details. The only way to go to completely rid your problems with Poison Ivy!

* They did an excellent job at a reasonable price. Highly recommend.


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